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Covid 19 Operating Policy

The Mrs Marigold team are committed to ensuring the safest possible standards for our staff and Clients during the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent Social Distancing requirements.

What we are planing to do

Our aim is to utilise ongoing current government and NHS policies and advice to:

  • Protect our people – our employees, any sub-contractors and our client’s staff and premises;
  • Keep the business operational for the benefit of our people both our staff and our clients.
  • Source relevant products and cleaning chemicals to ensure the best possible protection from Coronavirus and transmittable germs and bacteria.

How we will do this

We will review procedures and practices on a daily basis in accordance with Government advice, keeping our staff and clients updated regularly.

All equipment will be sanitized on completion of each premises.

PPE – Gloves and masks will be provided to all of our operational teams.

Social distancing is to be adhered to - Keep 2 metres apart.  If this is not possible, ensure face masks are worn, and contact is limited to five minutes at a time.

We are requesting that Clients vacate premises during cleaning process.  If this is not possible,

 we request that Clients do not share the cleaning space with our staff, requesting that they

remain in a different room.

Promote Hand washing for our teams and suggest avoid touching faces

All staff working on client sites to be provided with a risk assessment; (see attached).

Establish individual Clients requirements and discuss provision required to support cleaning of the workplace to mitigate risk and maximise safety.

  • Determine needs for frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces throughout the day, (door handles, keyboards)
  • Determine disposal arrangements;
  • Ensure thorough cleaning of all horizontal areas and high touch points

Job Specific Risk assessments to be discussed with staff to ensure understanding.

Staff who are furloughed; We will provide regular updates on status of their client sites and potential for returning to work/re-opening. Establish staff personal circumstances for return to work (i.e., childcare issues or self -isolation).

Staff who are sick or self isolating: We will maintain contact with our teams to ensure their mental and physical help and provide support.

Staff who are classed as vulnerable or high risk; We will identify any staff who are in this category and ensure they can work safely given measures in place. If not, then they must not return to work until this is possible.


If our Staf come in to contact with someone or they themselves are displaying symptoms of Covid 19, they will immediately return home, and isolate for 14 days.  Testing will be requested from NHS services. 

Vehicles and equipment will be collected and deep cleaned.

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